Hey everyone, kibi! here with some fun exciting cybre news!!! (jk it's not all that exciting 😜). I wanted to give an update on how things are coming along on the cybre presses ( since it's been oh gosh a month since last issue), and so I spun up a quick new category for cybre‐short‐blogpost‐things—the catalogue number is CDSP, and you're looking at it here.

was a hard month for… I think pretty much everybody? It sure seems like it anyway. (Was your ok?? Let me know: If I wanted to dig into my vaguely religious upbringing I'd talk about blah blah days of repentance and suffering in preparation for a time of rebirth and the coming of the Lord—but I think it's actually more the fact that we're on the tail end of a number of , dark months that's done it lol. (Sorry Southern Hemisphere , I know things are different down there 🌎🧡.) Whatever the reason is, it seems like half of my timeline is on a sabbatical of some form or another—and that's not saying that's a bad thing, but idk.

In CYBREMONDAY‐land, there has been a lot of work happening—but not necessarily of the sort which you'll notice right away. The most flashy news is that there are now Atom feeds, which you can use to subscribe to new issues of your fav CYBREMONDAY content. There are feeds for CYBREMONDAY issues, CYBREPLAY playlists, and, naturally, these dispatches as well.

You might also notice the website getting a little more experimental with its spellings, both here and in the old zines. This is a new feature that I'm trying out, which has increased the build time of the site from just a couple seconds to like 30 or so—so hopefully I don't wind up any damage to whatever machine bea has this running on 😅. If you don't like the new spellings, you can turn them off on zine issues by appending -r to the end of the catalogue number, like so: CMON0000-r. The regularized (non‐experimental) of the zines are also what gets sent out via Atom, so you shouldn't find any problems there.

The code making all of this happen is wonderfully complex and, while I wouldn't necessarily have recommended you look at the source code for this website before, I definitely wouldn't recommend so now. That said, it's here, as always: github:marrus-sh/cybremonday. (The compiled code, on the other hand, should be glorious.)

Everything is still a little bit under‐ as things all get shifted over to the new systems, so a few things might be broken or whatnot—hopefully that will all get cleaned up within the next few weeks. CMON0102 is still on and I've got some exciting things (imo) planned for it—I'm hoping I won't regret saying that it should be out by the end of the month? Life happens, and y'all know that, so no guarantees.

In terms of more general life updates (this is still 95% a personal project y'know), I've somehow gone from a fake instance admin who's just there in case of to a not‐fake admin idk?? who is the only point‐of‐contact for on my instances right now; Mastodon made another release which means that my work for the fork has gone from overdue to way overdue (and there's a tonne more work I need to do there as well); my sleep schedule has been all out of whack on account of working so hard and needing quiet alone time at the end of the day; REDACTED tonnes of personal shit that I'm not at liberty to discuss in a public place—aka so I'm fucking exhausted every day. However, I have some really cool not‐quite‐cybre projects coming your way as well, that I know at least one of you will be excited for (hi Kit)—but I'm keeping hush about them until they reach a finished state. Expect surprises! (Good life advice in general, really.)

That's all I have for thisCYBREDISPATCH—hope to get some more content to y'all soon. Stay safe out there, and stay cybre 😉.