Hey everybody, it's time for another exciting CYBREMONDAY update!! I've nailed down a few dates regarding when things will be arriving and wanted to clue you all in—the short is: April will be a very full month! The past month‐and‐a‐half have been filled with a lot of invisible labour for me, which has been, well, rather invisible to most everyone else. But! I'm hoping to, circumstances permitting, cut back on that a little and ramp up the visible output for the near .

Here's what we're looking at:

This is when you can expect the next issue of CYBREMONDAY to come out—that's issue number two. In terms of things still to be done, we have layout/typesetting, interactive elements, and I'll need to get in touch with some regarding a few last‐minute things as well. As always, the CYBREMONDAY policy is to not release unless it's ready, but this is a good time to expect that to happen.

For those of you who have been around a while, you might remember my controversial piece, Mourning Mastodon, which I published on of last year. For the first anniversary of that piece ( I will make an tradition out of it, who knows) I was thinking of another playful takedown of Mastodon or its culture—whether this happens will depend on whether I am able to get my thoughts on the matter sorted out in time or not lol.

This is the current target date for the third issue of CYBREMONDAY!!

If you were paying attention, you might have noticed that this means that there may well be new CYBREMONDAY content every week for the remainder of the month! Whether that actually happens depends on a number of factors, only some of which are within my control, but I'm hopeful y'all.

Regarding other projects: I've set up a blog here (feed) for posting about regarding Mastodon—it's empty for the time but expect posts to start showing up there as I manage to type them up. I'm hoping this will help generate more useful discussion than the usual wouldn't it be nice if… toots that never seem to go anywhere. I guess we will see!

I also have… at least one, and probably not more than three, secret projects that I've been working on, that you'll all hear about once they reach a state of completion, so look forward (?!) to those as well. Hopefully sometime in the near !

That's all for this CYBREDISPATCH—stay safe, and stay cybre 💖. More content coming soon.